Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today I went to the driving range and hit some balls with dan oh and jimmy jael... I think its gonna be a completely regular event for me from now on... I also saw two grown men fighting in the street on beverly and reno, which prompted us to discuss our futures as mixed martial arts fighters.  Soon the three of us will try to roll tires down the street.  last night at cinespace Kap Bambino kinda blew me away.. the sound like ska/oi electronic music... atari teenage riots meets x ray spex...Blaqstarr sang some acapella songs about explicitly doing it with your girl with his dingaling... epic.  You should roll here friday night.. brother reade is gonna do some new shit with their drums and im gonna try to keep up with em.  Also I'm going to Australia september 6th... if you live there and know of any parties going on in sydney around that date, please let me know.

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